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Fast mechanic (brakes, oil, filters, etc), pre-ITV, Test diagnosis, air conditioning and climate control recharging, change and repair of wheels, poised and aligned and more…

Tires, tires, batteries, tuning accessories and all kinds of spare parts and spare parts.


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Authorized seller of Eco Halcón in Tenerife

  • scooters
  • Moto-Scooter,
  • Bicycles
  • Accessories
  • spare parts
  • and more…
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Fast mechanic (brakes, oil, filters, etc), pre-ITV, test diagnosis, air conditioning and climate control recharging, change and repair of wheels, counterbalanced and alignment, tires, tires, batteries, tuning accessories, spare parts and spare parts, and much more…

Frakmenta financing system


Our financing system
immediate and without paperwork
desde 50 € hasta 1000 €

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Distribution chain

Vehicle decarbonization

Gas inspection for gasoline and diesel vehicles

New and used pump and injectors repair

Cleaning the radiator circuit

Repair of engines and boxes

Nitrogen for tires

Brake repair

Change of crystals

Air conditioning recharge

System Diagnosis and Repair

Chassis and engine wash


Replacement of clutches and gearboxes


ITV service
We take care of everything

We check your car so that it passes the ITV without problems.

Our highly qualified personnel have all the most advanced tools for troubleshooting and repair..

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Where we are


Ctra. The cookies, 86 – 38620 EL MONTE O GUARGACHO – SAN MIGUEL DE ABONA


Rafael Alberti Street, 3B – 38620 EL MONTE O GUARGACHO – SAN MIGUEL DE ABONA

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scooters, Moto-Scooter, Bicycles, Accessories, Spare parts and more....